I Can’t Wait I’m Going to Have a Great Time, 2023, exhibition view, SpazioA, Pistoia
Perfect Customer, 2023, plastic, fabric, towels, velvet, paper trays, laminate, CD case, cake, eyelash, stickers, ribbon, wood
After School, 2023, plastic, CDs, fabric, eyelash, tissue paper, tags, stuffing
Jailhouse Rock, 2023, plastic, velvet, paper trays, stickers, embroidery, chain, plastic pearls
5_2023_09_20_Spazio A_Libby Rothfeld_I can_t wait_I_m_going_to_have_a_great_time_20
6_2023_09_20_Spazio A_Libby Rothfeld_I can't wait I'm going to have a great time_22
7_2023_09_20_Spazio A_Libby Rothfeld_I can't wait I'm going to have a great time_27
The Bouillabaisse Collection, 2023, fabric, wood, metal chain, plastic, embroidery, zipper, tape, inkjet print
Junker, 2021, exhibition view, Bureau, New York
Everybody Knows, 2020, exhibition view, SpazioA, Pistoia, project space
Everybody Knows, 2020, exhibition view, SpazioA, Pistoia, project space
Some Objects in the Music Room, 2020, laminate, digital print, wood, cm 44.7 x 62.5 x 7
Two Side Tables in the Music Room, 2020, laminate, digital print, wood, cm 45 x 61 x 8.7
Felix’s Community (#5), 2020, laminate, tile, grout, wood, plastic bags, post it notes, pencil,plastic tub, resin salt shakers, pepper shakers, hand sanitizer, face toner, ink jet print, plexi, cm 114 x 97 x 109
Who am I? Who am I! (#2), 2020, laminate, tile, grout wood, plastic bag, plastic storage tub,salt shaker, pepper shaker, resin, spray bottle, ink jet print, plexi, foam koala, cm 140 x 46 x 107
Label #6, 2019, tile, wood, UV print on acrylic, cm 66 x 76 x 6
Label #7, 2019, tile, wood, UV print on acrylic, cm 84 x 66 x 6
Chair / System, 2017, laminate, clothing, plastic bags, hangers, water bottles, cm 99 x 79 x 46
Rack / System, 2017, laminate, clothing, plastic, bags, hangers, water bottles, aluminum, pencil, cm 148 x 155 x 41
Bulletin Board #1, 2017, laminate, water bottle, UV plexi prints, charcoal, tape, paper, thumb tack, cm 94 x 95 x 13
Label #2, 2016, tile, ceramic, UV print on acrylic, inkjet print, paper, tape, cm 84 x 65 x 6

I Can’t Wait I’m Going to Have a Great Time, Spazio A, Pistoia, IT
• Libby Rothfeld and John Knight at Apparatus Projects, Apparatus Projects, Chicago, IL, USA
• Rampage, inge, New York, NY

• Junker, Bureau, New York, NY

• Everybody Knows, SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy

• Confidence in Motion, Downstairs Projects, New York, NY

• Noon and Afternoon, Bureau, New York, NY
• Libby Rothfeld, Pumpkin Head, Red Hook, NY
• 1999, Antoine Renard & Libby Rothfeld, curated by Siliqoon, Marsèlleria, Milan, Italy
• A Dumb Sound, A Sweet Bell, Anne Libby & Libby Rothfeld, 315 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
• AAa:Quien, Erica Baum & Libby Rothfeld, Bureau, New York, NY

• Libby Rothfeld, First Continent, Baltimore, MD
• Good To Think With, Good To Think Against, Kimberly-Klark, Queens, NY


2017 Lab at Siliqoon, Bologna-Milan, Italy

2016 Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY

• The Richard Hirsch Memorial for Students in the Arts, New York University
• Louise Bourgeois Residency, YADDO, Saratoga Springs, NY

2012 Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, MI


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• Condo London: Southard Reid hosting Bureau (New York) and Park View (Los Angeles), London, United Kingdom
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• Libby Rothfeld, Swig Arts Center, Hightstown, NJ

• Switch Hook and Tone Dialer, Commons Gallery, New York, NY
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• Amundsen’s Tent, Gallery 8 in 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY