Giuseppe Alleruzzo
founder / artistic director

Tea Gradassi

Luca Gori
gallery assistant



The gallery was founded in 2008 in the wake of the positive experience at Uscita Pistoia, a non-profit space located at the edge of town. This was where SpazioA founder Giuseppe Alleruzzo used to invite artist and curator friends to take part in exhibition projects, and previously, his own artist’s studio.

In September the same year, the new gallery moved into an abandoned printing house in Via Amati 13, in Pistoia’s historic center.  The gallery now alternates solo exhibitions with group shows and curatorial projects.

The mission has always been to work mainly with emerging young artists and others in mid-career, many of whom enjoy degrees of international renown. The goal is to provide a setting for experimentation and discussion and to introduce collectors, curators and the general public to the different forms of artistic practice that in all their diversity represent the complexity of the contemporary art scene today.

In 2013, the gallery opened a next-door project space to give very young artists the chance to experiment with site specific-projects and host special events with established artists.


SpazioA is part of ITALICS – Art And Landscape